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Safety Guidelines

JUMP 360° is a place where everyone of all ages can have an amazing time, where you’re learning new skills, having fun and creating new friendships. But we want to make sure you’re doing all of this in a safe environment. We ensure the safety of you and all the other jumpers during your visit!

  • We strive for being a safe place for people of all ages.
  • We have a safety video running at all times.
  • We have a first aid staff member working at all times.
  • We have a dedicated safety and maintenance person.
  • We provide safety training to all staff by a certified trampoline expert.
  • GRT (Greg Roe) has been to our parks numerous times for ongoing safety evaluations and training.

Watch Our Safety Video

Don't forget your socks Mandatory Grip Sock Policy

All jumpers using our facilities are required to wear grip socks – this policy helps ensure the health and safety of all of our customers.

You may bring your own grip socks, with grips covering the majority of the bottom of the sock. Grip socks are also available for purchase at check-in for $3.00/pair.

*Regular/Normal socks and Bare Feet will not be allowed or tolerated*