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Fun • Fit • Safe Adult Classes coming soon!

FIT-NASTICS CLASSES 7-14 YRS | Skill Mastery & Progression

If your children want to take their trampoline skills to the next level, Jump 360° offers fun classes with a trained instructor! In these classes, they learn trampoline tricks and techniques, as well as gymnastic floor skills. For more advanced jumpers, we have an invitation-only High Performance class taught by certified coaches with a 6-to-1 student/coach ratio.

*KAMLOOPS Fitness Classes Coming January 2018

High Performance Classes 6-12 YRS | Skill Mastery & Progression

At Jump 360° we offer high performance classes for children aged 6-12. The skill mastery and progression class is by invitation-only and is instructed by certified coaches (6 students to 1 coach ratio). In this class there is an emphasis on completing more challenging flips, with classes typically running 6-8 weeks. If you’re seeking something more challenging and hoping to become a flip master, ask us about our High Performance classes. The average cost for a class is $21.

*KAMLOOPS Fitness Classes Coming January 2018

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