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Fun • Fit • Safe Adult Classes coming soon!

AIROBICS (Edmonton Only) WEDNESDAY FROM 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Up to 6000 steps and 500 calories in 45 minutes.
Improve balance & coordination in this low-impact adult fitnessgroup. Airobics inspired cardiovascular and strength training for all skill levels and abilities.
Who is this class for: 16 yrs old +
Intensity: Low – Moderate


This is a 45 minute class where you will be having so much fun you won’t realize how hard you are working. We incorporate FitNastics for children and a little bit of AirObics and H.I.I.T. for the adults – this is a fun and healthy way to bond and get fit with your kids. Segregated or group fitness activities and a Dodgeball game or two for everyone.

Who is this class for: Families (children must be between 5-14 yrs old)
Intensity: Low – Moderate

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FIT-NASTICS CLASSES 7-14 YRS | Skill Mastery & Progression

If your children want to take their trampoline skills to the next level, Jump 360° offers fun classes with a trained instructor! In these classes, they learn trampoline tricks and techniques, as well as gymnastic floor skills. For more advanced jumpers, we have an invitation-only High Performance class taught by certified coaches with a 6-to-1 student/coach ratio.

*KAMLOOPS Fitness Classes Coming January 2018


This 60-minute class is a fun workout that promotes stretching, introduces trampoline skills, and is designed to improve flexibility, balance and strength. Take your newly developed skills with your new Jump 360 friends and enjoy the entire park for the final 15 minutes of each class!

  • Supervision by our qualified fitness instructors and assistants
  • Trampoline safety taught in a safe and fun environment
  • Goal structured fitness program

Who is this class for: Kids aged 5-14
Intensity: Low - Moderate

FitNastics (Edmonton Only)

Want to get your kids off the couch and doing something fun? FitNastics is an instructor-lead class that teaches trampoline skills in a fun and safe environment. It's so much fun, the kids don't even realize their are exercising. The last 15 minutes, the kids get free access to the park to play on all the features. This class is voted Number 1 by Edmonton parents and their kids. Pre-Registration coming soon. For more information, please email us at

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