Frequently Asked Questions

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Fun Fit Safe

Whether it’s your first time jumping with us or your twentieth, you are bound to have questions about the rules, policies and procedures, our facilities and more! And we would love to answer them! In fact, it’s possible most of your questions can be answered in the list below. Check out our list of FAQ and if we missed any, please contact us to get the answers you need.

General FAQ's

Grip socks are a requirement at Jump 360 Trampoline Parks because they aid in keeping our parks safe and sanitary for all of our customers.

Regular socks and bare feet are dangerous as they don’t grip the surfaces of our trampolines and other equipment. Grip socks help give our jumpers better traction so they can avoid slips, trips, and falls!

TIP: Though we have grip socks available for sale at both locations, patrons are not required to wear Jump 360 grip socks. Any brand or style will do, as long as they have grips that mostly cover the bottom of the foot. We reserve the right to disallow grip socks that don’t meet our requirements. The safety of our patrons is the most important factor.

A waiver is a document that all patrons of our business, or a parent/legal guardian over 18, must sign before they are allowed to use our facilities. The waiver protects Jump 360 from being held liable if a patron gets injured while using the equipment or facilities.

Waivers are available at the admissions desk or online for your convenience.

We ask customers to update their waivers each year and/or before when changes are made.

Direct supervision of children 11 and under by a parent or guardian is mandatory. Children 6-11 can jump without direct supervision as long as a parent or guardian remains on the premises. 12 and over can be in the Park without a parent.
Jump 360 provides a comfortable lounge area, with couches, free WiFi and easy access to our concession area.

*We reserve the right to contact the parent to remove the child if the child is not following the rules or is being disruptive.

Yes, you can bring other people’s children; providing they have a signed waiver by their parent or legal guardian.

Children 13 and under must have someone on the premises who is responsible for them. Direct supervision of children 3 and under is mandatory.  Children 11 and under must have a parent or guardian in the park at all times for insurance and safety reasons. Children 12 and older can be left in the park without an adult or guardian present. We reserve the right to contact the parent/guardian to remove the child if the child is not following the rules or is being disruptive.

Waivers are available online for the convenience of those who are sending their children to Jump 360 with another family.

If your child is under three years of age, YES. Any children under three are admitted FREE with a paid adult.

If you have smaller children, you are welcome to follow them around the trampolines. There are also many comfortable seating areas near the trampolines for spectators.

Edmonton and Kamloops have a Tot zone for ages 7 and under.
Red Deer uses the Dodgeball Court as a Tot Zone (7 and under) when the park is busy.

Parties, rentals and events should be booked at least three days in advance to ensure our facilities are available. The more notice you give us, the better we are able to accommodate your event and any special requests.

Please take advantage of our online waiver to facilitate the check in process.

We welcome jumpers of all ages at Jump 360°! In fact, children three and under are admitted free with a paying parent or guardian. 

Weekdays are typically less busy than weekends.

We do have a special time set aside for parents and tots to enjoy our facilities when there is less people around. Please view the Edmonton or Red Deer calendar to view Parent & Tot program times.

Waivers are required for anyone who is planning to use our facilities or equipment. If you are a parent/guardian who came with your child and you intend only to sit in the lounge area and not use the equipment, no waiver is necessary.

As it is a legal document, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian over 18. You cannot sign a waiver for someone else’s child. Waivers are available online for the convenience of parents not attending the park. Signed waivers are valid for one year.

If you are coming with a group of six or more, we advise you book your jump at least one day ahead. Some weekends are very busy and to reserve a spot, we suggest booking ahead.

Otherwise, there is no need to book ahead.

For larger groups, it is also recommended that you take advantage of our online waiver to facilitate the check in process.

The weight limit for our trampolines is 350 lbs.

Jump 360 has a concession with a wide selection of snacks, treats and beverages available for purchase. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle of water purchased at our Edmonton location will be donated to The Mustard Seed Edmonton.

Kamloops has vending machines and local food vendors near premises.

No outside food or drink is permitted in the park, except in the party rooms when they are rented for a particular event.

EDMONTON: Most areas of the playground are open to everyone, however, there is a Tot Zone that is restricted to children 7 and under. Parents and guardians may accompany their children in this area.

RED DEER: No, there are no age restrictions for specific areas of our park. We do recommend that small children have parent supervision while using the equipment.

Yes!  We have a dedicated time set aside the first Wednesday of each month from 2:00-3:00 for special needs and their aide to jump.  It is not open to the public during that time (*exception: holidays, spring and Christmas breaks).  In addition, special needs and Aides are welcome to jump anytime under the following conditions:  Must register with respective park and must present proper Aide ID.  Each park reserves the right to verify.  Aides are required to stay with jumper while in the park in an effort to support park safety and insurance requirements.

Jump 360° Party Packages

The Party Zone is an open room with several party tables.  Each party customer is assigned their own party table.

Each customer has access to their party tables the entire time they have booked their party.  Party customers have access to their table during their jump time.  For example, a 360 Basic Package is one hour of jumping and one hour in the Party Zone for a total of two hours access to the party zone.

You are only legally allowed to sign a waiver for your own children.  Each child under 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for them.  Each adult must sign their own waiver.

Each park has its own pop policy.  Please check with your park choice to find out their policy.

No.  They need to have a valid waiver signed for their child, but they do not need to be present at the party.

We strongly encourage customers to arrive 15-20 minutes early for their party so they have plenty of time to check in and get to jumping on time.

 Party customers are free to bring in outside food or drink.  We work hard to provide food and drink options for our customers that will save them time and money.  Please inquire as to what food options your park has.

Kids Club is an exclusive club for kids who have had a birthday party at Jump 360.  They will receive an invitation to the exclusive club after their party.  This will give them access to a year’s worth of exciting and fun opportunities to experience Jump 360 at a discount.

Party Zone Guidelines

Jump 360° strives to ensure that your event will be a memorable experience for you and your guests and we have set some guidelines regarding the use of our party space.

– Outside food or drinks are allowed as long as they are pre-packaged and pre-prepared. Our facility does not allow the use of grills, slow cookers or warmers/burners at the party zone/table and we do not have microwaves or equipment to heat your items.

– Please limit overtime use of our tables to a minimum, if you wish to stay or use our party tables longer that your booked time, please speak to our Event Planners and we will let your know if that table is available. Tables are charged $50 per hour. Also, please inform your guests not to use tables that are not assigned to your party.

The Party Zone is a shared space and we ask that you please respect the space with other parties, we do not allow the use of the following items in our party zone:

– Confetti, glitter, rice or silly strings (either as part of table decorations or to be thrown)
– Piñata, candy pulls, or similar
– Vuvuzelas, bam-bams, party horns, cow bells or similar noise making devices
– Candle Whistles, party flares or any pyro product
– Sparkers larger than 12″ in height and thicker than a standard #2 pencil. Smaller ones are ok.

3 year olds are free with a paid adult because they need their parent with them at all times to ensure their safety so we would add the parent as the guest on to the party.

Jump 360 is not a nut free facility.

Of course anyone who wants to come to the party is more than welcome! However, keep in mind is there is limited space for your event and if you have more than 15 people total attending, let us know and, if available, we can adjust your booking and offer you more space like the *private room or *more tables.  

*additional cost

We can offer a paper waiver for you so that when the child is dropped off you can have the child translate and the parents can fill it out. Jumpers are only permitted to jump with a waiver so it is a necessity to have completed.

We do have knives and lighters if needed for the cake and we also have place settings for sale if you need more than what is provided for your party.

Our Jump 360 Gift Cards and Gift Certificates never expire. However, we do have passes, vouchers, coupons that come with an expiry date visibly printed on them. Here are some examples:

Vouchers, Passes, Special Coupons: Please follow the printed expiry date.

Birthday Passes: They expire thirty (30) days from the date of the event.

Please ensure that all passes, vouchers, tickets have their expiry date and promo code clearly visible. We reserve the right to refuse to accept if these passes, vouchers, cards, etc have been tampered including but not limited to, replication, duplication and other forms of tampering. We do not replace lost, stolen and broken tickets and most and all these tickets have no cash value and can not be exchanged for cash.

Some and most of our tickets and passes are only valid and can only be used at the location that it was issued from and each Jump 360 location reserves the right to refuse acceptance of your ticket, voucher or pass based on these terms.